Art Pieces


VAN’T HOFF works in collaboration with Dick Steenman, and his Geneva based workshop, as the creative and manufacturing partner of VAN’T HOFF’s art pieces.

Private clients and collectors have long cherished Steenman’s outstanding work. After 30 years as a master craftsman, specializing in unique art pieces for numerous luxury brands, he is able to blend all the crafts and techniques acquired over time, thus giving a crucial contribution to the VAN’T HOFF brand.


VAN’T HOFF is about a true artistic vision, within the world of the traditional Metier d’Art watch-making, allowing for a real feminine approach.

By controlling all manufacturing aspects in-house, from our Geneva workshop, VAN’T HOFF can offer bespoke and unique works of art in a condensed time limit.

“My job is to tell a story, I find inspiration all around me. Each piece that leaves the workshop is all about art, every piece tells a tale and takes you on a journey into an extraordinary three-dimensional universe,” says Dick Steenman.

The sculptural shapes within the VAN’T HOFF handcrafted pieces live to surprise and intrigue our senses. They appeal to our subconscious mind with a myriad of new expressions emerging over time, always playing with light.


All VAN’T HOFF art pieces are realised, with uncompromising attention to detail and precision, as exclusive creations, one-offs, or limited edition pieces. Each work of art is hand crafted out of the finest materials, with the help of magnification, in pursuit of absolute perfection.

These pieces hold a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide.