Quintessence Melody in Blue

Melody in Blue Swiss watch by Van't Hoff

The Quintessence Melody in Blue collection

The collection “Melody in Blue” explores the floral and sculptural world, a free and playful interpretation of nature in all its splendor.

This majestic edition comes to live in a 3dimensional microcosm with a thickness of 5mm under the glass in the center, creating the impression off  the pistils trying to escape from the watch.

With the enamel “grand feu” on silver instead of white gold, the artist wanted to accentuate the light reflection of the blue enamel on the carved petals.

Each petal, each pistil is carved by hand without the intervention of modern techniques, respecting the traditional and ancestral craftsmanship.

18K dames d’or blanc Montre sertie de diamants (4.35 carats FG/VVS),

Email grand feu sur des fleurs en argent sculptées.

Fond en nacre extra-blanche

Size: Small (30.70mm x 39.00mm x 9.90mm)

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Melody in Blue Swiss watch by Van't Hoff