Quintessence Lady Dragon

Hours of the Dragon: 7am – 9am

VAN ‘T HOFF is Proud to present the legendary creature of Asian mythology, this hand sculptured dragon fearlessly emerges from the inner depths of an unique and 3dimensional work of art symbolizing the imperial powers, strength and good luck to be appreciated in its contemporary setting.

In its claw a light blue Opal full of live and luster brings a bright aura to this composition. The dragon seems to escape from the watch case and take off into the sky.

To create extra depth, the artist has chosen a hand engraved blue lacquered background. Innovative in construction, the movement has been cleverly dissimulated behind the clouds engraved in blue colored mother of pearl.

This truly original art watch by VAN’T HOFF comes with a blue crocodile strap.

Lady Dragon Swiss Watch by Vanthoff

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Lady Dragon Swiss Watch by Vanthoff